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Hall Effect and van der Pauw Controllers

H5000 Controller

The H5000 Hall effect and van der Pauw controller offered by Transient Signal Technologies, developed by MMR Technologies, is a turnkey solution for both four-probe resistivity and Hall effect measurements. The H5000 Hall and van der Pauw measurement controller is an all-in-one solution enabling current source/sense, voltage source/sense, magnetic field measurements and full bipolar field control.

Together with the DC600 temperature controller and the Hall effect measurement Software Suite, the platform becomes a reliable and powerful tool for studying transport phenomena in semiconductor materials as a function of temperature (80 K - 700 K).

The following parameters can be measured as a function of bias current, magnetic field and temperature: sheet resistance, resistivity, Hall coefficient, sheet carrier density, carrier density and Hall mobility.

User's Manuals

Model H5000 Operator's Manual


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