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Hall Effect Measurement Systems

Hall System and 1_edited_edited.jpg

1.4 Tesla Hall Effect System (with EM-150 Electromagnet)


Transient Signal Technologies Hall effect measurement systems are modular systems supplied to our customers in different configurations. We provide room temperature and variable temperature measurement setups, systems with either permanent dipole magnets or electromagnets. This approach allows systems manufacturing that fit your research goals and your available budget.


Each Hall effect system arrives with a Dell desktop computer and a Software Suite, making Hall effect measurements fully automated and providing the tools to easily characterize semiconductor materials.

Temperature ranges:

      300 K (room temperature)

      80 K - 400 K (liquid nitrogen systems, continuous flow cryostats)

      80 K - 500 K (liquid nitrogen systems, bath cryostats)

      300 K - 700 K (hot stage systems)

Magnetic fields (bipolar operation):

      0. 5 Tesla (electromagnet or permanent magnet)

      0.7 Tesla (permanent magnet)

      1 Tesla (electromagnet)

      1.4 Tesla (electromagnet)

      2 Tesla (electromagnet)

Hall System-1_edited.jpg

0.5 Tesla Hall Effect System (with EM-50 Electromagnet)

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